A Meandering Stream: Clinical Research Career Navigation

On-Demand Webinar

Presented by:  Janelle Allen, BS, MS, CCRP; Director of Clinical Research Operations, Quality, & Education; Institute for Advanced Clinical Trails for Children (I-ACT for Children)

Janelle Allen will discuss the wonderful world of clinical research careers during our Wednesday, May 22nd Complion Webinar. She will delve into the current status of clinical research positions within the United States. Then she will walk us through current clinical research positions and roles. Once we learn about how to find these positions, she will make note of important ways to advocate for your lifelong career in clinical research. We hope you join us for this helpful dialogue on working your way through a promising career in clinical research.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Discuss the status of clinical research careers
  • Learn about viable clinical research positions and how to find them
  • Elucidate best practices for advocating for your lifelong career in clinical research

About the Presenter

Janelle Allen

Janelle Allen, BS, MS, CCRP, Director of Clinical Research Operations, Quality, & Education

Ms. Allen is the Director of Clinical Research Operations, Quality, & Education for the Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials for Children (I-ACT for Children) and a faculty member in the Department of Biology at Miami University. She also serves as a Professional Consultant and Corporate Trainer. She worked at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center for 10 years serving as a Project Manager and Clinical Research Coordinator within the Pain Research Center, managing multiple NIH, foundation, and centrally sponsored studies in the Pediatric Neuroimaging Research Consortium. 

During the past 20 years, she has completed research on state-based care centers and services, developmental biology, neurophysiology and neurobehavior, quality engineering: analytical and quality product review, molecular cardiovascular medicine, infectious diseases, child behavior and nutrition, headache / migraine, and pain.  Ms. Allen serves as the chair of the Southwestern Ohio SoCRA Chapter. She also served as the Chair of the Leadership Council of Clinical Research Professionals and has held several other offices based on Education, Certification, Networking / Collaboration, Membership, and Special Projects. She assisted the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in developing educational and training materials, professional courses, and manuals for CRPs in the areas of clinical research skills; clinical research project management, data management, and recruitment / retention; electronic Protocol Administration System (ePAS); Research Electronic Data Capture (RedCap); and home and on-site safety in clinical research.  She served on the 2014 OHRP Research Community Forum Planning Committee. She also works in community development, youth / young adult development, enjoys working with CRPs, and helping families lead happier, healthier lives. Ms. Allen received a Bachelor of Science from Miami University in Biology, Neuroscience, Chemistry, and French and a Master of Science from Miami University in Physiology and Neuroscience.  She is also CRP Certified (CCRP).