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Complion streamlines clinical research by enabling sites to manage their regulatory documents in a single platform.
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Who uses Complion to perform better research
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No More Binders

Reduce costs and free up office space. Share documents across teams without duplication.


Improve Efficiencey

Easily archive from Outlook, get eSignatures and view files from your phone.


Audit Ready

Keep everything organized with a built-in audit trail for improved transparency.


Connect to other Systems

Connect to your CTMS, EMR, IRB and other systems to streamline workflow and improve productivity.


Ensure Document Security

Safegaurd against deletion, negligence or fraud. Control access and edit permissions across documents and trials.


Support Investigators

Track all submissions, annual reports, safety reports and correspondence. Coordinate multi-center trials and IITs across external sites.

"Our goal was to streamline our processes and standardize all of our regulatory binders to improve staff training and accessibility across locations. Not only does Complion help us achieve that goal, but it’s also very user friendly and intuitive."

Deborah Tunick, Site Manager
Chesapeak Research Group, LLC

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Feature Article: Embracing a Paperless Process


Gain insights from two leading sites on the process of moving from paper-based systems to Complion.

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Spend less time filing and searching for documents.

You need to look after patients – not fight with messy binders, cluttered inboxes or misplaced documents that slow you down.

Complion takes the administrative burden off your shoulders so you can spend less time on busy work and more time on what matters.

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