Steps to Paperless Clinical Trials: Creating Certified Copies & More

A Complion Feature Article

Steps to Paperless Clinical Trials Article.pngWhether you’ve taken the first steps toward a paperless clinical trial environment, or are still contemplating that very important transformation, you will want to take advantage of a new resource now available from Complion.

Steps to Paperless Clinical Trials: Creating Certified Copies and More presents insight and expertise from Betsy Fallen, a regulatory and clinical process consultant, on using information technology to tame the paper beast that threatens efficiency and productivity at clinical research sites.

Learn valuable tips and how-to steps to help you and your organization transform to digital, including:

  • Reducing the Need to Print and Scan Documents - Many documents today are scanned images. If a born-digital document would remain digital, the need to print and manage a paper copy would be eliminated. We’ll share tips on how to eliminate the need to print and scan documents.
  • Creating Certified Copies - For those paper documents that continue to exist as scanned images, especially wet signed documents, many organizations continue to require the retention of the paper. There are some that have developed processes for designating ‘certified copies’ and destroying the original paper. We will review opportunities to develop these processes to eliminate the need to retain paper.
  • Implementing Digital Signatures - In the regulated environment of drug development, there are many requirements for approvals by designated experts or decision owners to ensure alignment with regulations and guidelines. These approvals, in a paper world, were typically accomplished with a wet signature. We will review the requirements for signatures recognized by clinical research and alternatives including digital signatures and technology solutions to replace wet signatures as a means of approval.
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